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Marketing Challenges Ailing Startups in India


Startups have huge pitfalls in coming up with a good marketing strategy. However creative an entrepreneur may be, he has to firmly plant his feet on the ground looking for exciting challenges.

What are these challenges? 

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Let us look at some of these:

  1. Non-specific content The content used in the marketing endeavour should be aimed at a targeted audience that is responsive. When this is overlooked and the content goes haywire, it needs to be brought on track. This is the problem with start-ups wherein the writeup doesn’t match to a specific audience. For example, a renewable energy brand that is aiming at a state with surplus energy such as Punjab –not frequented by power cuts– can be categorized as a failed marketing strategy. This is because the chances of lead conversions aren’t the most. If a marketing strategy is general or not accommodating people from different age groups or communities or inclinations as such, can experience a downturn in conversions.
  2. Having your way There should not be a headstrong attitude towards planning a strategy. A plan that is not strongly based upon analytics and is just on an opinion does not bode well for a business. Everything should be tested and implemented. There may be an innovative business idea on your mind, but it deserves to be put through trial and purged.
  3. Emphasizing sales Investing more and more on sales is a very big impediment facing start-ups. Marketing should take precedence and not a backseat. This should be borne in mind and focus can be on quality content too.

Conclusion A business that has a keen inclination to change and incorporates all the possible measures to emerge as being buoyed is worthy to become successful. There are great benefits of being watchful.

Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing is slowly casting a shadow on its analog counterparts. From the last decade or so,with the emergence of social media and growing use of smartphones, the latter one’s meaning has lost in this new world.

 What is its relevance in the marketing world?

The smartphone market has grown in leaps and bounds in India. From an era, wherein the usage of smart phones was limited because of expensive tariffs, this trend slowly changed over a period. Globally it was a rapid evolution over the past decade or so and smart phones gave you the power of internet at your fingertips 24/7, 365 days. This has been a totally disruptive game changer be it social behavioral disruption or ‘how you do commerce’ disruption.

India has grown into a behemoth when it comes to the number of users for devices such as smart phones. This could be ascertained from the fact that there are over 500 million + users for these devices in this country.

 What are the benefits of this type of marketing?

There are many distinct benefits of digital marketing for small businesses.

Level playing field :the digital marketing platform ensures a level playing field for such businesses when compared to their rivals and large enterprises. This is because there can be analytics provided to judge for the small businesses themselves to stay in the cut-throat competition around. Previously this was limited only to large enterprises.

Cost-effective:this format is very cost effective when pitted against the traditional marketing. A large part of this is because it negates the use of advertisements in newspapers, books, telecommunication, television and radio broadcasts.

 Digital marketing is a boon for businesses that have understandably less capitalization and resources. This type of marketing is to stay for a long time as people have a penchant to use the internet for their daily needs and entertainment on their handset; what with smartphones becoming your primary and lasting companion forever.