Agrotech is an important focus for the Indian government and businesses to answer the needs of an ever-growing population, to prevent and answer climate change, for sustainability, competitiveness and innovation.

Modern technology like data science, analytics, biotech, AI, nanotechnology and much more must be incorporated into agriculture for better yield and management, for gathering data and to make more precise decisions. Hence, there is great scope for Indian businesses to develop tech products for the agricultural sector, benefiting themselves and the country.

One of the most developed hubs for agrotech is in Finland. Finland is a popular location for foreign companies to establish business in as a base to access the EU market. More so, it has an advanced tech ecosystem and is heavily research oriented, making it one the best places for companies to undertake R&D in. Here are some of the reasons why Finland is a great location for Indian agrotech businesses.

Natural Resources: Finland has one of the most forested surfaces in Europe. It has a long tradition of forestry management and is highly focused on sustainability. This makes it one of the best locations in which to learn about and develop technology related to growing and maintaining forests, trees and plants.

Cutting-edge Machinery: Finland has internationally recognised machining companies that manufacture the best forestry and agricultural machinery.

Biomass and Recycling: Finland has a strong history of managing its natural resources carefully. It has placed considerable focus on recycling material including agricultural and forest materials. It is a powerhouse in biomass development and reusing waste material in the wood and agricultural processes.

There are many ways in which Indian agrotech companies can find opportunities in India. They can collaborate with Finnish firms to develop innovative and problem-solving agricultural technology or buy top-of-the-line machinery to sell in India. Finland is one the easiest locations in which to enter and set up a business as it has one of the most open and collaborative tech and business ecosystems in the world.

There are many organizations to assist Indian businesses in opening up a business in Finland. In India, PrEver Consulting has helped over 25 businesses go to Finland in the last 5 years. You can start your Finland journey with us to take your product and business to a global level, outstripping your competition and developing a world-class brand. Follow us or contact us to know more.

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