Finland is a small country of just 5.3 Million inhabitants, but it is one of the world’s greatest producers of innovative technology. This article explores how Finnish culture, especially the personal qualities of ‘Sisu’ or perseverance runs deep in Finland and fuels a startup culture that dominates the world. Indian companies are discovering the benefits of doing business in Finland and setting their R&D centres and EU headquarters in Finland. Find out why.


A little known concept about Finland is that in Finnish culture Finns value the characteristic known as ‘Sisu’. Interestingly, Sisu is a word that has no clear-cut and precise definition and is often described as a number of strong personal characteristics. In the end, Sisu comes close to being described as grit, integrity and determination.

Finns value the characteristic of Sisu, and this trait makes them a powerful human resource for firms and the country, driving change, meeting challenges and finding solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. This attitude is a major contributor to why Finland is a world-hub for innovation and a major start-up location.

What is Sisu?

There are many words and phrases to describe Sisu; and they are grit, hardiness, resilience, bravery, tenacity, determination, gutsy and more. There is no one English term that can replace this unique Finnish word.

Sisu refers to something that can be found within, and it is often called upon during times of adversity and looming failure. It refers to taking action regardless of the challenges and showing fortitude and bravery in difficult times. It also means choosing a course of actions and following through even in the face of failure.

How Finns Apply Sisu at Work and in Business

Finnish people embody this cultural concept in their daily lives and in the workplace. This means that as a workforce and human resource Finns are independent, problem-solving, adhere to deadlines, fulfil tasks and take responsibility. This also means that they are committed to creating businesses that work and provide innovative solutions for world problems.

The never-say-die attitude means that they are open to solutions, look for innovative ways to solve problems and work together to succeed. The Finnish focus on science and technology, as well as agile means to solving problems, means that startups and tech businesses are a natural outcome of their personal culture.

Why India Should Consider Finland

For Indian companies that are contemplating going global and establishing operations abroad, finding the best talent is vital to success. In Finland, Sisu is not merely an abstract thought, it is a personal orientation and Finnish people have strong conviction in doing their best to achieve goals and thus take actions accordingly.

This is a valuable trait in a workforce and with such self-motivation and accountability, a firm can be confident that the goals of the company are being met with great earnestness and reliability.

Key Benefits of the Finnish Talent Pool

The benefits of utilizing the Finnish talent pool does not lie in the espousal of the concept of Sisu alone. Finnish people are also amongst the most educated and tech-savvy people in the world. The Finnish talent pool has substantial skills in the ICT fields, is highly educated and the Finnish ecosystem itself enables companies to train and hire the best possible candidates for the firms’ requirements.

Education and Skills

Finland has the world’s best education system and provides free education up to the post-graduate level. Critical and analytical thinking are highly encouraged in the Finnish education system. Finland has one of the highest educational attainment levels in the world, with a large number of the adult population having a university education. Hence, there is a large, talented, educated and highly skilled Finnish talent pool for Indian firms to tap into.

ICT Background 

Finland is highly focused in the ICT sector and there are over 350,000 ICT professionals in Finland. Skilled people in IoT, gaming, blockchain, and more can be found in Finland. There is a broad scope for health-tech and biotech R&D and business development. There are over 29,000 professionals in the life sciences sector and every year there are several thousands of graduates to replenish the workforce.

English and Other Languages Spoken

The majority of young adult Finns speak excellent English and hence the problem of communication is easily overcome. Most Finns speak multiple European languages and Finns are also highly exposed to international business due to its small and open economic system and thus, Indian firms benefit from this already multi-lingual, global and experienced workforce.

Economic and high value

The cost of hiring Finnish people is far more economical than similarly skilled people in other major tech hubs around the world.

This is especially true in the ICT sector, which has recently undergone a restructuring and thus top ICT brainpower is available at highly competitive costs. The labour costs for a senior level ICT professional are far more economical when compared to UK, Sweden, France, Denmark, Israel, Germany and more. Companies hiring Finns get a technologically top-notch workforce at highly competitive rates.

Facilities to Support Indian Businesses in Hiring Talent in Finland

Indian businesses are able to leverage this brainpower and lower costs and create highly innovative products with a competitive edge.

Government Support in Training and Recruitment

The Finnish ecosystem is unique and dynamic in terms of how highly collaborative the various entities in the business ecosystem are. Government agencies provide businesses with aid in recruitment as well as training.

ELY, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, helps companies by finding and recruiting suitable candidates for the business. ELY provides training and even pays for part of the training process. Businesses can cooperate with this entity in the final selection of the candidate.

There are other such helpful bodies in the Finnish ecosystem to assist firms in Finland and Indian firms considering expanding to Finland will find it highly supportive and useful. Recruitment and training are already easily handled and due to the language, technical skills and international exposure, firms are assured an easy and effective recruitment process.

Finnish Culture Supports Startup Culture

Despite being a small country with a population of 5.5 million people, Finland is a powerhouse of highly talented and self-directed human resources and a strong and collaborative business ecosystem. The personal and national quality of Sisu makes Finnish people a strong resource for businesses looking to create innovative solutions to complex problems.

Indian ICT firms need to look no further than Finland to locate and recruit an able and reliable body of ICT professionals in different domains to help them achieve their goals. By recruiting and investing in highly skilled Finnish ICT professionals, businesses can create and harness the Finnish concept of Sisu as part of their business values. This kind of excellence in action begins to reflect in their products and services and creates a brand image of a high quality, reliable and trustworthy business.

There are many reasons to consider investing in Finland and the powerful human resource aspect forms one of many factors. PrEver provides in-depth information and solutions to help Indian firms expand to Finland. PrEver guides Indian firms in the ICT space to familiarizing themselves with the Finnish ecosystem, finding potential clients and partners, accessing R&D aid and much more. Reach out to us to begin your journey to Finland or follow us on social media.

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