The term ‘smart’ technology is a buzzword that has emerged from real and exciting changes happening in the newest wave of technology changes that are based on the internet and increasing interconnectivity with the world. Here is a list off of ‘smart’ technology that is becoming a part of our everyday infrastructure and business activities.

Smart Home Technology

Items like watches, phones, lightbulbs, the television etc. Will all soon be interconnected at home. Personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are in the market and people use it to play music, ask questions, as speakers and more.

In time, water usage, electricity, lighting maintenance and even grocery shopping will all be digitalized and managing them will be automated to reduce wastage, monitor expenses and provide valuable data to the government to be able to make relevant decisions.

Smart Cities

India has committed to creating over 100 smart cities in the country. Smart cities are innovative cities that use ICT technology such IoT, data analytics and cyber-physical systems to create a better quality of life for its citizens and to efficiently and cost-effectively gather and distribute resources for a better society. Smart cities are connected via IoT devices that gather and provide data that helps manage transportation, security, internet availability and more.

In smart cities, citizens will be able to communicate with the government which will provide open data and information. The growing 5g network will enable smart cities to come to fruition in the near future.

Smart Health

One of the most important applications of smart technology is in health care. AI has a role in healthcare as medicine is based on problem-solving on certain rules, on test results and symptoms. This means that AI technology can remove human error and automatically diagnose certain illnesses and symptoms.

Big data and analytics can also provide relevant information about the health and conditions of the vast population, which can be a goldmine of information. This can form the basis of research and potential cures. This also provides tremendous data to the government and to world health organizations, helping them to set up and implement national wide health mandates and schemes.

Apps and wearable devices can monitor the health of individuals and provide real-time data to their health care providers making instant information and action available and preventing ill health.

Smart tech is on the rise and will feature a major part of the modern tech landscape. It is new ground for Indian ICT companies to grow and develop in and can’t be avoided. Many Indian ICT firms, however, struggle to cope with the rapid changes in technology, lacking a suitable ecosystem from which they can grow.

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