Finland is the home of innovation and technology breakthroughs for a good reason. It has a vibrant and collaborative tech ecosystem that supports start-ups and new technology development. One of the reasons why is because it has many regularly held events for startups and entrepreneurs, such as meetups, seminars, hackathons and fairs.

Here is a list of 10 important events startups should visit to get inspired and network with other businesses.

Slush: Slush in Helsinki is the biggest and most popular version of Slush that is held every year in December. It is the largest start up event in the world with over 21,000 visitors, thousands of journalists and investors and other ministerial and governmental bodies. It is a fun and jam-packed event where startups can network with investors and entrepreneurs can network.

Meetabit: Meetabit is an online platform for finding local tech, business and startup meetups in one place. You can choose Helsinki as your location and find numerous communities that get together to network and collaborate with people in your own field of knowledge and work.

Aalto Venture Program Events: Aalto University is the primary university at Helsinki, Finland. This event offers talks and workshops where not only students but anyone can gain useful skills from top leaders in the business sphere. You can get hands-on involvement, deep diving into desired topics with mentors at workshops or you can attend presentations, get inspired and ask questions from industry leaders.

HUB13 Events: Hub13 is an online platform for getting informed about tech-related events taking place in Finland.

Urban Events: Urban Events by Urban Mill various innovation based events are held regularly. Urban Mill is a coworking and co-creation platform where startups have the opportunity to work with other tech and business professionals.

Silicon VikingsThe Silicon Vikings is a meetup group of more than a 100 members consisting of tech professionals. You can join up with this group to meet people, network and catch up on industry news.

TechStars HelsinkiIt is a platform where the population of Helsinki can meet people and start their businesses and startups. A major event at this place is the Startup Weekend Helsinki.

FallUp: Fall up is a major networking event with over 2000 attendees where you can find job opportunities, networking and entertainment. It is an opportunity to showcase and try startup innovations and find business opportunities.

One of the reasons why Finland is a technology superpower in spite of its small size and population is because it is a collaborative and knowledge sharing country where people network and are agile in technology development and adoption. By involving your startup in these events you get to meet the best talent, get information and even the right investor, partner or clients.

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