Indian businesses with successful products and services, or products that have the potential for global reach eventually consider taking their business international. Europe has a population of over 740 million and higher standards of living, higher levels of technology embedded in daily life and provides many opportunities for innovative Indian companies.

However, there are difficulties to go abroad and Europe has several legal formalities which may also be different from country to country. Doing business in Europe is also complicated by the fact that it consists of 50 countries with distinct native languages and cultures. Hence choosing the right location for entering Europe and accessing the western market is a challenging but important issue.

Why Finland?

One of the top countries in Europe and in the world is easily Finland, located in the north and neighbouring Sweden and Russia. Finland is a tech hub, the home of Nokia, Angry Birds and Supercell and the birthplace of Linux and the SMS. It is easily one of the first countries Indian businesses should consider for entering Europe.


The majority of Finnish people speak multiple languages and are high-level English speakers. Many Finns also speak Swedish and many people learn a third language, such as German, Russian, Spanish etc. Knowing three languages is considered normal in Finland and Indian firms will have fewer problems in hiring or communicating here.


Finland is located between the east and the west. It neighbours Russia and Sweden and is well connected to the rest of EU with Finnair and the busy airport at Vantaa. Going to any other country in EU is a matter of an hour or two, and it is also well connected to the US and Japan. This makes Finland an access-friendly location for businesses that want to cater to a wide market.

Political Stability and Security

Finland is one of the most stable countries in the world that protects the rights and liberty of businesses and individuals. It is a safe environment for businesses as it provides many legal protections.

Low Bureaucracy and Corruption

Finland is one of the least corrupt countries in the world and firms will find that setting up a business in Finland is a highly transparent and smooth process. It ranks highly in the transparency index and is a safe place for businesses.

High-Skilled Workforce

Finland is heavily tech oriented and provides free education. Hence, its citizens are highly tech-savvy and there are over a 100,000 tech professionals with top skills developed towards the latest in technology for businesses to hire.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Finland has an incredibly supportive and co-operative ecosystem in which governmental bodies and agencies work hand-in-hand with businesses, research organizations and investors to enable business growth and economic development. Organizations like Business Finland, ELY are friendly and responsive and take positive action to benefit businesses.

Digital Infrastructure

Finland has a world-class digital and telecom infrastructure. Fast and affordable internet is accessible to all and broadband connections are a legal right to all in Finland. This is a investment-ready location for businesses in digital products or telecom technology

How to start a business in Finland

Starting a business in Finland is a direct and smooth process. Indian businesses considering setting up research centres or headquarters in Finland will find support from various authorities in Finland as well as PrEver Consulting, a Bangalore-based consultancy that is partnered with Helsinki Business Hub.

Starting a business in Finland requires:

  • Selecting and registering the business name with the Trade Register.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Filing a ‘start of business’ notification with the Trade Register and Tax Authorities.
  • Establish a limited liability company.


To visit Finland, meet the right persons, submit the forms correctly, as well as apply for funding and other activities, firms will do best working with experienced and well-connected persons. PrEver Consulting has taken over 25 businesses to Finland and is experienced in all the formalities and legal requirements for opening a business in Finland and are also connected with important governmental authorities on an official basis.

With PrEver, firms considering entering Europe can save time and costs significantly, while running the process of business establishment smoothly. Follow and contact PrEver through social media or from the website contact details to know more.

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