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The creators of the first and only nutritional protocol that has been tested through an IRB-approved human clinical trial, Rejuvalyte is gearing up to begin R&D operations in Helsinki. It is looking to validate its product locally as the first step towards European expansion. Preliminary studies show promise: Rejuvalyte offers relief to the treatment of Metabolic Syndrome, a significant health challenge, while addressing a currently unmet need in the market

Rejuvalyte discovered the opportunities in Helsinki in 2016, thanks to PrEver and Helsinki Business Hub. After exploring local business ecosystems responsible for innovation, entrepreneurship and seeing the potential in the Nordic region, Rejuvalyte decided to establish its base in Helsinki for expanding into Europe.

Convinced by Helsinki’s supportive business environment
According to Dr Farid Khan, CEO of Rejuvalyte,“The key advantage is the business-friendly environment of Helsinki and its physical proximity to other European capitals. Also, the business loans and R&D grants provided by the funding arm of the Finnish government are encouraging to international companies looking to grow in the European market.”

The California-based company offers clinically proven safe and effective nutritional cleansing and detoxification programmes. Rejuvalyte’s innovative protocol is designed to support and enhance the body’s own mechanisms for managing toxins and metabolic waste by providing proper nourishment, reducing the toxic load, and providing internal rest. In recent years the company has grown its distribution to hub locations in South-America, Asia and Europe, more specifically Helsinki.

The networking opportunities, being able to interact with various vendors, and facilitating the process of engaging with them, all of these along with setting up a subsidiary in Finland within a short period of time made a difference, added Dr Khan.

Finland first, Europe second
On setting up office, it immediately undertook a market feasibility study to map out the needs and demands of Finnish healthcare with the help of Healthcare Consulting Group. It proved without a doubt that there is an unmet need with respect to Metabolic Syndrome and its management. More importantly, it was found that not only did Rejuvalyte’s solution address a major health problem, but it also resulted in cost savings.

Armed with this information, Rejuvalyte is now preparing to conduct an R&D project with support from Business Finland that would engage key players in the public and private sectors of healthcare to objectively explore the benefits that Rejuvalyte has to offer.

Rejuvalyte has hired a Country Director who is leading the company’s efforts to build synergies and collaboration with local agencies. The company has set its eyes on setting up a clinical R&D centre in Finland to leverage the Health Sciences and Clinical Research advances made in this part of the EU and accelerate market operations in Europe with Finland as a base in the EU region.

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