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The consulting company, running a pilot project with the Helsinki University Central Hospital, plans to leverage the new R&D hub to target the European and US markets. It plans to hire at least 10 employees in Finland in its first year of operation

2S Consulting, based in Mumbai, is in the space of high-impact performance management, analytics, and business intelligence across a variety of industries. Its analytics product HCare360, originally developed to address the operational challenges of healthcare organizations, has evolved into an enterprise-wide healthcare BI solution that integrates financial and strategic information with operational drivers.

HCare360 will drive the company’s transformation from services to provider of BI products and solutions. “We wanted to build on our consulting expertise and become a leader in healthcare analytics. Therefore, though we have our EU consulting headquarters in Switzerland, we felt the need to have a separate European base for R&D of HCare360,” said Managing Partner Rajeev Surana from 2S Consulting.

Helsinki: support, capital and resources Two visits to Finland, thanks to PrEver and Helsinki Business Hub, and 2S Consulting was convinced that what it was looking for by way of supportive market with a right mix of capital and resources to set up its new R&D hub was exactly what Finland offered.

“We discovered the Finnish innovation ecosystem—not only did we meet various players in the healthcare industry, we got the opportunity to visit the Upgraded Life Festival, which gave us a good overview of the industry,” revealed Surana.

Meetings with recruitment experts, with subject matter experts within the funding agency Takes (now Business Finland), with Health Capital Helsinki for a possible collaboration, and a piloting opportunity with Helsinki University Central Hospital clinched the decision once and for all.

HCare360 product strategy includes close collaboration with initial customers to ensure the right fit to the industry and region, and its pilot with the Helsinki University Central Hospital is about to be launched. Said Surana, “working closely with a local healthcare provider is an important factor for us, allowing us to weave the voice of our customers into HCare360.”

Targeting the EU and US healthcare markets “The healthcare analytics market is growing at a 26.5 % compound annual growth rate and is expected to reach 1USD 8.7 billion by 2020. The North American market dominates this spend and Europe is the second largest market. These markets are our primary focus for HCare360, our target customers being mainly large and medium hospital chains, specialty clinics, and care providers,” added Surana.

Not only will HCare360’s global footprint originate from Finland but all product innovations too will be driven fro Finland. Surana sees it as a solution made in Finland, a world-class leader in healthcare analytics.

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