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In keeping with the nature of the aviation industry, the Mumbai based RSmart Aviation Software moves into Vaanta to target European and US markets.

The aviation industry is governed by global norms and practices, and that being so, the company had its sight on setting up an office in either Europe or the Unites States. The company regularly participated in international conferences to exhibit RSmart—a cloud based, mobile-enabled aviation suite provides a one-stop digital ERP and analytics solution for ground handlers, airlines and airports.

Encounter with PrEver Consulting changed the course of the company. A well organised visit to Finland, meeting with relevant people within the business ecosystem along with meetings with banks, law firms, funding agency Tekes (now Business Finland) in October 2015 laid the foundation for considering Helsinki as the location for its European HQ and product development.

A visit to Finland laid the groundwork for a quick decision

In the footsteps of many other aviation-related companies, Rsmart too decided to be located in the City of Vantaa where the international airport of the Helsinki metropolitan region, the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, is located.

“Vantaa was a natural choice for an aviation software company. The whole greater Helsinki area has an excellent ecosystem for developing Internet and cloud technologies, . Finland in general provides fine resources and opportunities for creating world-class technology and products,” said says RSmart’s COO Varadharajan Chellappa.

Rmart plans a positive disruption in the aviation software market The company has signed four new customers, and the European R&D unit is all set to start working on Rsmart’s cloud and mobile solutions. Though currently at 12 people, the company is expecting to grow much faster in keeping with its plans to gain more customers in Europe and US among ground handling companies, besides airlines and airports providing their own ground support services.

“Our new headquarters and product development unit will help us target Europe and the United States extensively. Our long-term plan is to leverage Internet, cloud and mobile technologies to positively disrupt and transform the aviation software market. We have many new cloud and mobile applications on the anvil, and we expect our Finnish unit to play a pivotal role in designing and marketing these applications,” Chellappa says.

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