Your Path to Globalization Runs Through Finland

What does a small country like Finland have to do with the Indian start-up scene?

When one thinks of Finland, one thinks of Sauna, long-nights and freezing winters. It will come as a surprise to most Indian start-up CEOs and stake-holders that Finland could be the key for struggling innovative businesses to go global. This unlikely country is a world-hub for technological innovations; it is one of the world’s largest investors in technological start-ups, with €349 million euros raised in 2017 towards venture capital for tech start-ups, it invests heavily in R&D and is a global stronghold in telecommunications, cleantech, gaming, biotechnology and more.

Not many Indian businesses know that Finland is also the perfect place to launch their globalization efforts from. Finland has a brilliant ecosystem for developing internet, cloud and other technologies. It also provides support and resources for start-ups and SMEs from India that choose to set up their business in Finland.

Many Indian businesses have already gone to Finland and successfully set up operations. Businesses like Rsmart, GrayMatter, Inteliment Technologies and many more have leveraged the Finnish internet, cloud and technological ecosystem and developed their products and taken their companies global. Indian firms setting up their business in Finland already have a proven track record of growth and success, and have expressed the ease and advantages they found in doing business in Finland. 

Indian businesses interested in exploring the opportunities and advantages of going to Finland to go global can talk to Prever Consulting Ltd, which is a team of entrepreneurs who have specialised experience in internationalization to Finland. Indian start-ups can also network with Finnish authorities and Indians who have successfully gone to Finland at events that happen regularly in India.

An upcoming event is taking place on June 13, in Mumbai and can be a great opportunity for Indian start-ups to find out how they can go global by going to Finland.