PrEver Consulting’s Success Stories

Over the last 3 years, PrEver has successfully helped over a dozen innovative Indian companies go global by leveraging the Finnish ecosystem. Here are some of our success stories.

How we helped Rsmart take their aviation software technology sky-high

Rsmart is a Mumbai based start-up with a product ready to disrupt one of the most challenging aspects of airport operations—cargo and ground-handlers. In a market driven by disparate and legacy software solutions, Rsmart’s integrated ERP solution for all airport ground-handlers was not only innovative but disruptive as well, being the only cloud-based and mobile enabled product.

PrEver stepped in and over the next few months, charted out the product, project and financial plan for its global outreach, and today with global sales operations led out of Helsinki, Rsmart’s ground handling product has found its way into European markets, with several global airports becoming customers.

Today, Rsmart dreams of becoming a market leader across all aviation services products by the year 2019, enabling all customers to become a digitally transformed business.

Rejuvalyte Found Their Ideal Location For Their Multi-Faceted Needs

California-based Rejuvalyte broke new ground by creating the first and only FDA regulated and IRB approved nutritional system for managing metabolic disease. They sought an entry into the European market and needed to identify the right location in which there would be a demand for their product, as well as a place where they could set up their R&D centre.

PrEver had a solution for their multi-faceted needs and arranged visits to Helsinki, Finland with them. PrEver and Helsinki Business Hub co-ordinated several meetings that led to partnerships, the testing and validation of Rejuvalyte’s product and the setting up of their R&D centre in Helsinki.

Rejuvalyte has now launched themselves on a global level, and are anticipating the setting up of multiple centres across the globe bringing their nutritional system to more countries and meeting the challenge of managing metabolic disease.


Inteliment Accelerates its product development

Inteliment is a leading data-analytics company creating leading-edge products in the area of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. To keep up with current technological developments, Inteliment wanted to establish a product innovation centre in a location where innovation is supported and thrives.

PrEver guided Inteliment to Finland as the right choice to set up their innovation centre as Finland has a strong innovation ecosystem and market access to revolutionary technology. Using our match-making services Inteliment met with multiple stakeholders from key organizations like Tekes, VTT, Espoo Innovation Garden, and even potential customers.

Inteliment has set up its innovation centre in Helsinki, availing its many incentives, tax benefits and availability of great talent. Inteliment is on the road to helping companies along in their digital transformation through their break-through innovative products and solutions.

2s Consulting transforms their business model from consulting services to business intelligence solutions provider

2s Consulting delivers solutions for business intelligence and analytics across many industries. It developed a product ‘HCare360’ to meet operational challenges of healthcare organizations, however, the product grew to support company-wide BI solutions. This product was key to transforming their business and 2s wanted to build it into a fore-runner in healthcare analytics.

To achieve this goal 2s Consulting decided to set up an R&D center in Europe. PrEver’s expertise, connections and experience with Finland came into play and 2s Consulting was introduced to relevant healthcare professionals, recruitment experts and funding authorities like Tekes. 2s Consulting secured a collaboration with Helsinki University Central Hospital to pilot test their product.

Finland is now the main hub for 2s Consulting’s product innovation and the company is targeting the EU and US markets from here.


Technolabs chooses Finland as its gateway to Europe and the World

TechnoLabs is the creator of a retail cloud solution that enables retail chains to operate avoiding hardware and software. Since TechnoLabs found success in India, it decided to expand to the EU and US markets.

PrEver designed a pathway for TechnoLabs that would develop their product to its innovative peak, re-brand them as a Finnish business and easily expand to Europe and USA. PrEver organized visits to Helsinki with TechnoLabs and familiarised them with the Finnish business ecosystem. PrEver also matched them with key players from Finnish universities, government authorities and local companies.

In only a few weeks, PrEver helped them register their company, open a bank account, find and lease office space in a business park in Espoo and also recruit people in Finland. TechnoLabs is fast-tracked to global domination in the retail cloud space through product innovation and market expansion.


More than 20 success stories with PrEver

PrEver has taken over 20 companies to Finland over the last three years and drove their metamorphosis from a chrysalis to a global company that is making an impact world-wide through redefined world-class products and technological innovation.

Our passion for brilliant Indian companies with innovative products fuels our pursuit to secure them the right mix of capital, resources , sales strategies and new-age marketing. We remove roadblocks such as inadequate capital for expansion, globalization know-how, lack of sales channels etc. We do this without the company shedding any equity and we prepare the business’s roadmap for the next 4-5 years.

We bring a potent combination of highly skilled and experienced profiles which enable financial engineering, GTM strategies, and digital transformation.

To push your company’s metamorphosis to a global powerhouse, contact us today for a one-on-one workshop.