Opportunities for Indian Maritime Firms in Finland’s Smart Maritime Ecosystem

AI and digitalization is impacting every industry, and the same is true for the maritime industry as well. At present, The maritime industry is focusing on smart technology to create better services and products by increasing efficiency and reducing waste and expenses. Disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and blockchain have become the major drivers of change in every industry and the maritime arena is no exception. Autonomous ships and maritime digitalization are the upcoming technology set to change the face of the maritime industry affecting logistics, crew management, cargo handling, scheduling, safety, security and environmental concerns.

The call to be a part of the next wave of innovation and technology advancements is loud and clear to the Indian maritime industry and it can be at the forefront in riding this new technological wave. A world hub-spot for such marine-tech advancements is Finland, with the ongoing development of an autonomous marine ecosystem and the presence of major companies and research institutes working on the future of maritime technology.

Indian firms dealing with marine ERP, maritime software solutions, ship management services, smart ship management and more can take their products and innovation capabilities to higher levels with the following set-ups and opportunities available in the smart maritime set up in Finland.

A quick peek into the Finland smart maritime ecosystem

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is the location for the marine ecosystem in which new and disruptive technology is being researched and developed currently.

The Helsinki Smart Maritime ecosystem hosts over 380 companies and also hosts the world’s largest subcontractor network with a membership of over 1000 suppliers, hence the opportunities available to Indian maritime firms are tremendous.

The maritime network expertise includes offshore solutions, port technology, cruise ships, ice going and ice breaking fields. Hence there are many areas in which Indian maritime companies can develop solutions and products.

One Sea ecosystem

The One Sea ecosystem is the world’s first autonomous maritime ecosystem making Finland the forerunner in the development of autonomous and remote ships. The future of the maritime industry is markedly autonomous, remote and digital.

AI and digitalization are already being incorporated in maritime technology in ships, ports, crew management etc. And it is at the One Sea ecosystem that companies leading this technology are located. The companies located at the One Sea Ecosystem are forerunners in modern maritime technology and form a major part of the collaborative ecosystem.

One Sea is a hotbed of thoroughly researched, tested, and highly capable autonomous shipping network. It is the world’s best ‘smart’ environment in which AI, Big Data, cloud technologies, digital solutions are much more are developed hand-in-hand with maritime solutions.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in the maritime industry creates the possibility to increase efficiency and optimise processes. Thus Indian maritime companies can have great benefits from getting onboard at the earliest stage in the digitalization wave. The maritime ecosystem in Finland offers various services in industrial internet and connectivity solutions and enable companies to create efficiencies and improve processes.

Hence, Indian companies can find and develop solutions for 3D, wireless communication and application, data analytics, data acquisition etc.

Autonomous ships

The world’s first autonomous maritime ecosystem is in Finland. Autonomous ships and remote ships are the future and will drastically change the efficiency and safety levels of maritime transport. Developing and researching autonomous ships require an environment in which Big Data, AI, smart algorithms and ultimate optimization are carried out extensively and at the most current level.

Such solutions and services are widely available in Finland and the maritime ecosystem in Helsinki is already embedded with these solutions. Research institutes also collaborate and cooperate with businesses and the Aalto University Marine Technology and VTT Research are institutes that Indian companies can greatly benefit from working with.

There is also a test area in Jaakonmeri in which real sea conditions can be tested and businesses have access to this test area to carry out valuable piloting tasks to learn, improve and test their products.

The embarking point for Indian maritime firms to globalization and innovation

Finland has a long-standing heritage in the maritime and digital industry. Always at the forefront of ICT and digital developments, Finland is now the world’s most important development location for digital transformation in the maritime industry.

It is a leader in shipbuilding, host to a number of research institutes and businesses related to cruise ships, commercial vessels, icebreakers and maritime research. Recognising these, large companies such as ABB Marine, Wärtsilä, Elomatic, Deltamarin, Napa and many more have set up operations to take advantage of the regions talent pool and high level of technology in cloud technology and Big Data.

For forward-thinking and innovative Indian maritime firms, Finland is the ideal place to go forward in and meet any number of goals and requirements. We at PrEver have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the Finnish business landscape in multiple domains and we leverage our Finnish networks to enable Indian companies to easily go to Finland and efficiently find partners, clients, support etc. For customized information for your businesses please contact us through the information on our contact page.