Indian innovators discovered a globalization pathway through Finland

On June 13th, Indian business heads in the ICT sector met with Finnish business agency Helsinki Business Hub and PrEver Consulting, partner to HBH and drivers of innovation and globalization for small Indian businesses with innovative products and services.

Held at the ITC Maratha Hotel, Andheri, Mumbai, this networking event saw a gathering of Finnish business authorities, Indian firms that successfully went to Finland and local Indian businesses with an eye to going global and learning about the opportunities available in Helsinki, Finland.

Speakers were from Finland were Jukka Holappa, Commercial Counsellor and Country Head India from Business Finland, and Marja-Liisa Niinikoski, CEO of Helsinki Business Hub.

Indian businesses that successfully went to Finland also described their experiences and results from going to Finland and setting up their operations there. Speakers were from companies like SRKay Consulting Group, Inteliment, Allied Digital, Tech Mahindra and NCrypted. Several business directors from firms in the ICT space were present and participated in the cocktail hour and dinner later, during which the many guests and hosts were able to network and get more information related to their own businesses.

More events like these are to be held and this will see many more Indian firms going to Finland, and taking their businesses global as well as accelerating their product to create world-class disruptive technology.

For information about the Finnish business eco-system and the opportunities available for your firm to go global and take advantage of the innovation-oriented business support system in Finland, get in touch with us and we will help you explore your options and take the next step.