Indian businesses go global in the land of saunas, long nights and -35°C winters

Finland is a country known for being the home to Nokia, cold winters, long, dark nights and millions of saunas. What it isn’t known for is that it is a rising investment location for Indian SMEs, start-ups and mid-cap businesses that are hungry for innovation and global domination.

Many Indian businesses face doubts and indecision when it comes to taking their company global, but thanks to PrEver and Helsinki Business Hub, Indian firms in the ICT sector now have access to information, support and opportunities in Helsinki, Finland that makes going global successfully a sure thing.

Not just tech-giants, small businesses have opportunities in Finland too

Indian giants like TCS, Wipro and Infosys have already established themselves in Finland, but smaller, mid-cap and SME firms, as well as start-ups from India, have also set up operations in Finland and thus launched themselves globally.

Businesses like Rsmart, an aviation ERP company, found that going international was a natural next step for them, but they were uncertain about the path to take to going global. With the help of PrEver, Rsmart found that going to Finland and leveraging the existing cloud, internet and mobile technologies would help them develop their software to a world-class product.

Inteliment, a data analytics company, found Finland a business-friendly environment in which they were able to accelerate their product globalization. They found Finland a “rich innovation ecosystem with lots of potential partners, a vast talent pool, and a good market access for futuristic technology solutions.”

Several other India businesses like JCSS Consulting, Allied Digital Services, Ncrypted Technologies have also successfully gone to Finland and their CEOs and Managing Directors will be speaking at an event for Indian companies to find out how they can go global by going to Finland.

Why Enter Finland?

Finland is the world hub for ICT, cleantech and healthcare innovations and the talent pool there reflects this. Indian SMEs, start-ups and mid-cap businesses can easily find and hire highly educated and trained people for their product development and R&D.

The Finnish business ecosystem helps Indian businesses in their globalization efforts supporting the development of IT products to a world-class level, pilot testing products in an international setting, and identifying problems and solutions and quickly to bring a more refined product to the market. Finland is also one of the world’s largest investors in technological start-ups, with €349 million euros raised in 2017 towards venture capital for tech start-ups.

The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is also ideally located to reach important cities like New York and Beijing in a short span of time and it is easy to access the rest of Europe and the US through Finland.

Partners are the key to success

Indian businesses going to Finland will find support and guidance from the beginning to the final step. Indian partner PrEver Consulting offers workshops which provide assessments and guidance for firms that are looking to take their companies.

Finnish agencies like Helsinki Business Hub, Business Finland, VTT, Tekes and others connected with PrEver help Indian businesses navigate the business and legal requirements and rules in Finland and set up their business in a matter of days and certainly not more than a few weeks.

Indian businesses will find that going global through Finland is an effective way to do so and enjoy a host of benefits like good infrastructure, highly educated talent pool, excellent innovation system, active government support and R&D technologies.

One Small Step For Indian Businesses, A Giant Leap to Globalization

Along with the various advantages featured here, Indian businesses benefit from the ‘reputation’ Finland enjoys as a hub for highly innovative technological products. Indian products are branded as high quality and are more attractive, recognized and competitively priced. This leads to doing better business and earning substantial profits.

Hence, going global through Finland is an easy decision for Indian businesses from the ICT sector, healthcare, biotechnology, clean-tech and others that are innovation-oriented. Regardless of size, India SMEs, start-ups and mid-cap businesses are able to go global and internationalize successfully.