Data Centre Locations: Choosing the Right Location Abroad

Establishing a secure data centre requires a sizeable investment and committement to operational costs. Hence, choosing the right location is the most important initial step a business needs to take. Data centres require the right environment which includes weather patterns, access to connectivity and electricity, skilled talent and more. This becomes more complex when the data centre is to be set up abroad.

This article fills in the gap of knowing what are the most important factors in choosing a data centre location as well as finding the right place abroad that fulfills all these requirements. Finland is a world tech-hub with 8 zones in which data centres are ideal to build. This article highlights the major advantages Finland provides for the impeccable establishment of data centres.

Weather & Natural Catastrophes

Data centre damage due to natural calamities such as flooding, forest fires, earthquakes etc. can be extremely devastating physically and financially. Losses caused by natural causes can be in the millions and billions. It is highly important to choose the appropriate location in which the natural phenomena are largely stable and predictable.

Locations with high temperature and humidity can also create major operational costs as temperature and humidity need to be carefully maintained to avoid damage to the servers and machinery in the data centre. Thus choosing a location with cooler temperatures and without any tendency to seismic and flooding activities is very important.

Finland boasts a year round climate and weather patterns that are typically cool, thus saving on operational costs. The country is also located over granite bedrocks and is free of seismic activity. These natural and stable features make it a stable and secure location for data centres, and also contributes to lowering costs.

Nearness to Customers and Skilled Workforce

Considering the size and commitment required for a data centre. It is also essential for a data centre to be located in a region where there is a customer base as well as a pool of educated and technologically skilled talent force to maintain and manage the data centre.

Finland is a highly technologically oriented country with a large number of startups and ICT related businesses. It is also well connected to the rest of Europe and the US, and thus forms a practical base for finding clients all over Europe. This is especially useful for those companies with global aspirations.

Finding highly educated and technologically skilled talent is also easily taken care of in Finland. Finland has over 350,000 skilled individuals in the ICT sector, and businesses may work with universities and research institutes in Finland to provide solutions, find talent and more. Finland has a truly collaborative business ecosystem and a highly qualified talent pool that is also cost-competitive compared to other major tech hubs. You can read more about the Finnish talent pool here.

Electricity and Data Network Accessibility

Data centres necessitate regular and continuous access to power and data connection. Losing power in an unplanned manner can have disastrous effects for the data centre as well as the clients relying on it. It is highly important for the location to have a continuous and reliable power source and a power grid.

Data network connections are also indispensable for the functioning of a data centre. Choosing a location with high speed access to data is important. These aspects are easily taken care of in Finland. Finland provides cheap and reliable energy. It has a reliable national electric system, high level of energy distribution automation and the electricity market is open and interconnected with the Nordic market for decades. Finland also has lower electricity tax and thus offers great power savings for data centres.

Finland also recently opened up an ultra-fast data connectivity cable between Finland and Germany. This makes Finland the digital highway between the east and the west and provides ultra-fast data connection that is valuable to companies seeking to establish data centres.

Other location considerations

The factors mentioned above are some of the important considerations in establishing a data centre. Other factors include government regulations, flexibility to grow, real estate costs, taxes, access to airports, transport, roadways etc.

These aspects are well catered to in Finland, with a superior regulatory environment, secure data connection, high savings on electricity, the option to sell heat from the data centres to electricity companies, excellent public infrastructure and more.

Finland has over 50 investment-ready locations and co-locations that are ideal for data centres to be located. The Finnish business ecosystem is collaborative and new businesses in Finland can find help and support through various governmental agencies. Finland also provides solid data protection and is Europe’s safest data centre location. It is also the world’s 4th safest data centre location. Thus Finland provides world-class infrastructure and a business ecosystem for data centres with maximum cost savings. This makes Finland the best international location for a data centre.

Indian companies seeking to set up data centres abroad can do so in Finland. PrEver consulting provides in-depth and step-by-step information and support in helping companies go to Finland. Follow us on social media to be updated on the latest in Finnish information or contact us to start your journey to Finland.